I’m a passionate of the digital word in all of his applications, with a very particular story.” It all started in the classroom finishing the second year of Psychology when I heard”: “This is not for you” said my teacher, next to “If you study a career that explodes that artistic vein of yours, you will thank me in the future”. I took a deep breath I risked looking for what I was passionate about.

That’s how I got a Bachelor of Design Business Administration in which I developed myself as a creative professional and with the support of the administrative sciences I developed concepts based on profitability, fulfilling the demanding aestheticity. By mistake I applied for a job offer as a Web Designer, where I learned from programming languages to layout, which took me very far in my professional career.

Time later I lived in 4 years in Ciudad de Panamá (Panama City) developing myself in an academic level with a Master degree on Business Administration with emphasis on marketing (MBA) also adding an Advanced degree on Top Management. Then I learned that the websites are just little parts of the puzzle. And that’s how the integrated cycle of marketing, management of websites and the web positioning allowed me to offer consultancies to brands and agencies like Freelance. Because of the curiosity to explore another digital market, I got interested on the designs of mobile apps for Android and IOS, with the design guidelines UX/UI. I personally believe that the beauty of this profession is that the learning and the creativity become something continuous.

Toda I feel trained to take those hard decisions that have a certain risk in the external and internal graphic communications of the companies to position itself in the minds of consumers. My experience on digital marketing from and global and integrated point of view as well as taking part of a quantity of web / app developing projects granted me the vision of new models of digital business. Thanks to those decisions and actions that seemed sacrifices in the last years, reaffirms that with passion and faith you can always manage to get your professional aspirations.