I'm ui designer

I see the world through creative and multicolor eyes. I’m a multidisciplinary professional who is always searching for new solutions for the digital environment challenges. I have more than 5 years of experience in the design and development area.

ui designer

Innovative and creative. Specialist on specialist on designing rewarding digital experiences, focused on the needs of the client and the objectives of the core business. I love being in direct contact with the user, which makes me feel the pulse of the developing app, where little details make a great difference.

“Nothing is more important for me than a user and a happy costumer”

Digital Marketing

Perceptive and analytical, expert on building good relationships with the brands. Trust and empathy are my main tool. When I think about Digital Marketing, I think about the perfect combination between Design, Creativity, and Analysis (Always searching for Profits). How do I do it? Analyzing the information that the media provides, in order to evaluate continuous upgrading options and make the changes makes us achieve our objectives and goals.

Gerencia en Sistema

Leader and visionary, I have experience lining up the information technologies with the role of the organization to take effective decisions that benefits the company. Teamwork is one of my best abilities, with active participation on the achievement of goals, assertive communication, empathy, respect and sincerity I managed to add the wills of the staff in favor of the objectives of the company. I’m a visionary person with the capacity of anticipate facts and adopt the changes that the environment demands.

Say Hello!

Maybe you have seen something and you may like it , I appreciate your visit and the time you spend watching my page. Currently I’m searching for new work opportunities or independent projects.

I you want to get in touch with me you can send me an email to creative@viviana.ga I’ll promess to answer you as fast as I can.

Hi Tea Lovers!

Hi Tea lovers , I’m a tea enthusiastic on development , who took the iniciative to share my histories around a warm cup of tea through Cuppa for Life, where you will find:

Nutritional Information.

Benefits and Tips.

Practic Recipes.

Packaging Desing and many more…

I hope to share my passion and connect us with this experience that the tea and infusions leaves us. Do you dare to let yourself be surprised by tea?